Saturday, March 7, 2009

Encouragement Along The Way

God is just so amazing. Just when I needed a little encouragement I went by Amanda's and found something really exiciting. She is having a cool giveway and boy do I hope I win.
The giveway is for a cool tool to help memorize scripture. It is so cool that it will remind you to do your memory work. Boy do I need a reminder!
Here's the cool button I am putting it on my sidebar too.

Go over to Amanda's
and read all about her giveway. She is just doin' it because. No aniversary. No 100th post. Just because she encourages.

If you want to check out the demo go here
I really enjoyed it. You can even go to Biblegate and look for a specific verse. Or just go down the included list. You can save your work. You can even have more than one family member memorize thier own verses. I think this is really cool because my family has been wanting to memorize together. And it really isn't all that expensive either. But hopefully I'll win the prize.

Good luck to you if you enter.

Back to the Journey,
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