Saturday, April 19, 2008

Show and Tell Friday on Sat.

Welcome to my Saturday edition of Kelli's Show and Tell. I am sharing with you today a very special piece of furniture that now sits in my kitchen.
The photo's of this piece of furniture were taken by different people that visited or volunteered at the mission where I am the director.
Because of lack of funding we have been forced to downsize and in order to pay rent and utilities we have had to sell our supplies and office furniture.
This piece of furniture we were able to save. So I would like to share some of the photo's of it.

This is a special photo because it shows how this table was used at Mission Makeover. Lots of prayers were prayed at this table. Dozens of girls met Jesus Christ at this table. And many of them made commits to follow Christ while sitting at this table.
Today I am Blessed to be able to have it in my home. And I am prayerful that it will be only temporary.
Thanks for coming and visiting please come back and visit often.
Have a Blessed weekend.


Connie Marie said...

Well you can still have prayer around the table in your home, couldn't you? Sorry to know you had to downsize, but what a cool story to go with your table.

Muum said...

That is a bittersweet memory. Thanks for showing us your table today!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

So sorry about the downsizing at the mission. It seems like that happens a lot. What a special story and so glad that you were able to have the table in your home. I bet you have wonderful stories from working there!

Kelli said...

Your special table is wonderful, I'm sorry to hear about the downsizing. :0(