Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So is there any easier way?

This is a sticky post . . .except

This is me. This is my camera. Help. Hopefully this will be a sticky post. I am labeling it "dummies at blogging" because it might not stick. LOL.
Actually it really isn't me but I feel like it is my camera. It won't talk to the computer. And it is kinda big and bulky. And I just need a new one. So please does anyone out there have any suggestions for a really inexpensive user friendly camera that will talk to the computer!
Please give me your suggestions.

OK so up there is my stick post. Now I didn't do it the way some of you probably do it. I ended up copying and pasting it. Is that how ya'll do it?

Here's my post for the day. I am doing spring cleaning and gardening. I am embarrased to say this was my junk drawer.
Amazing isn't it. What does your junk drawer look like? Well mine doesn't look this way now. Actually there is nothing in it. All that stuff got sorted (like they do on t.v. on all those shows)into piles and distributed to new places. A bunch went into the trash for example the Chinese resturant menu (the resturant closed two years ago . . . now do you see why I was embarrased.
Actually to tell you the truth I didn't sort it this week. I did it about a month ago and haven't told anyone because I mean my gosh would you?
I can't show you a new photo because well I need a new camera.

But I can show you some of what is going on outside. I have cleaned the front beds. We moved rock on Saturday and I did a new border. I can't wait till it's done and I can't wait to show you. We planted blooming daffodils that I got free. Did you hear that! Free. Yes I am frugal. I planted two pots of begonias. And some hyacinth bean seeds to grow up the arch. So in a few weeks it will not be the unsightly "Munster" house that Cowboy called it. Check out my friday post from a couple of weeks ago if you have the stomach for it. LOL. Another embarrasing photo.
What is with me today?

I really need to get that new camera so if your out there and your lurking and haven't left a comment because you just don't know what to say about some of the things that I say. Please leave me a comment about your camera and give me some suggestions.

Until later. Have a fun day. And be Blessed.


Kindra-At Home With K said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog again! I wish I could help you with you camera issue...I am in need of a new camera too and don't know where to start. Electronics are so confusing. Good luck finding one!!

Anonymous said...

oh camera easy.. if you want tiny and great! I loved my Canon PowerShot it's tiny and takes great pictures!