Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday

Here is Amy's wonderful illustration of God's awesome word. Thank you Amy.
I usually use Amy's wonderful work on Wed. because it gives me a day off from blogging. Wednesday is the day that I pick up items from our local food bank to distribute to our clients. Our clients are teenagers that are on parole. They have been incarcerated and now are out in the "free". Some live with parents or other family members. And some live on thier own. Most are from low income families. We began this ministry in Jan. and started it with delivery for 10 families. Within 3 weeks we had added 10 more families. And, there is the need for more. At anyone time there is usually at least 70-80 kids on parole at our local office. Of course they don't all need groceries. But there is still a huge need for many of them.

Many things have gone on the last few weeks with our ministry. Some good. Some not so good. But all God's plan. We recently lost the lease on our current location. So with moving everything out;finding temporary pantry and office space, and distributing I have been overwhelmed. Lots of extra work. So today I am especially grateful and thankful for Amy and her Wordfilled Wednesday.
And to thank her I am passing on an award to her that I received yesterday. I'll be writing all about that tomorrow. So please come back and see what is happening.

And, leave me a comment because I have to pass this award on to 10 others and if your reading me and not leaving a comment I can't come and see your awesome blog and make your day by giving you an award too! Please read my archives I write alot because I talk alot!
Hope the rest of your day is Blessed. I am back to working on pantry now!

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