Saturday, February 22, 2020

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Hello! Welcome to the blog.  Today is the day I share a few plans for my week and highlights from last week.  
I am joining Sandra for Happy Homemaker

Sandra provides the prompts.  I add some of my own.

The weather
Winter finds it's way to Texas.  We have had some consistantly cold (for us) days.  And rain.  We have felt we need a boat.  

Outside my window
I have a new flower bed.  A dandelion garden.  I have given up trying to get rid of them. The bumble bee's love them. 

Something fun to share (my prompt)
I joined a new FB group and I am talking to the administrator about helping with events.  I am excited to plan fun SWAP's for my new peeps. 

A new shopping place
I have 'fallin In Love' with Tuesday Morning.  Yesterday I bought
my new muffin pan there.  I looked at all they had on the shelf and picked the least expensive one.  And then went to check out clearance and what did I find.  The bigger better for a bit less than the cheap one I had in the basket!

On the breakfast plate
It's Saturday.  Brunch day for us.  Scrambled eggs, bacon and blueberry muffins.  I bought a new muffin pan yesterday and I am excited to use it

My Ta Da moment
I managed to clean out the file cabinet in my craft room and put everything on shelves I brought in from my green house.  
I also cleaned out one other wood shelf in the room that just didn't function for me.  I was planning on putting both of them and another shelf at the curb after the trash pick up.  We have lots of traffic and people always pick up things.
But my daughter thinks they can use them at my grandson's school.

A few plans for the week
Packing to move. Cleaning.  Cutting and playing with glue in my craft room.  I signed up for a couple new easy SWAPs.  I'll be working on today 

On the menu 
With my husbands illness it is hard to cook these days it seems. 
This week I plan to cook. 
Rotisierre Chicken (I have legs/thighs I bought on sale that had some barbque seasoning on them.  I'll add more and make them super yummy
Seafood Gumbo we bought some fish a piece of Andoullion and some Venison Sausage.  We will add some of the chicken that I am planning on cooking and some soft shell crab we found on sale and some shrimp.
Pot Roast we wound a super buy.  I have 4 for the freezer.  They are all big so I will cook one for this week and put half in the freezer.
Salad and Veggies  I am planning on making some individual salads in mason jars for the fridge for the Cowboy to take out and have for a snack.  I need to buy some verggies to cook.  Greens are good for him.  So I'll try to get some Mustard Greens today.

In the craft space
A huge mess right now.  I am packing up what I am not using daily to move and get rid of the shelf units I am not planning on taking. 

What I am working on 
I am finishing a few Altered Paper Clips for a SWAP.  
Some stamped images for a SWAP and I will be starting some 
Junk Journal Embellishments for another SWAP.

From the camera
My desk at Christmas time making cards
Image may contain: ‎flower and plant, ‎possible text that says '‎ایہ HAPPY WEEKEND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY‎'‎‎
Thanks for coming by. Please visit Sandra for the party on Monday

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Molly the Airedale said...

Your handmade cards are so pretty! Have a blessed Sunday!