Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

Sharing a little of my Thriftyness today . . . 
A super cool garage sale find.  I love iron thingies!  This will hang in the entry way above the door.  The only place it will fit in a Smallish Space.
And my dumpster dive treasure . . . 
This jewel will sit in the corner of the tiny entry way by the stairs. Which I am standing against the last step.  Yes that is how small this space is.  Too small for a big dog.  I'll use this cool stand (that I can't believe someone left by the dumpster)to hold my purse etc. while I take Daisy out before I leave. 
I shared this already in my Holiday Weekend post (here) but in case you missed it I wanted to share for Thrifty Thursday.  I think this is super thrifty.  You can't buy plastic this price.  10 glasses for $7.00 at Big Lots my new place favorite place  to thrifty shop!

I was also a little thrifty in finding interesting things for an 8 year old to do . . . 
T:  T:
The cardboard insert from a roll of wrapping paper is perfect for practicing your 'swing'.  Look at that face!
The Cowboy visits the resale stores and finds bargains.  Brand new in the box.  The inside was un-opened.  Marked $4.00 everything was half price.  A lot of fun for $2.00.  That's thrifty Cowboy!
Now the challenge is finding thrifty prizes because the 8 year old expects prizes!  It never ends.  HeHe.

I picked this up for the prize tonight . . . 
He learned to blow bubbles awhile back.  This is his favorite gum for bubbles.  

My thrifty substitute for a fancy smansie Journaling Bible.  Draw illustrate/Journal in your journal!    Now that's thrifty if you ask me!

Well that's my thriftiness for the week.  

How about you have done any thrifting?  

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Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I can't believe how nice that table is and that they left it for you to find! Wonderful! that is a good deal for glasses (I break them a lot). With the start of summer we have a lot of fun going to garage sales and finding things that will tide us over the fall and winter months.

shortybear said...

nice finds

Madeline's Album said...

Really did enjoy this post. Wish I could find some throw ways like the ones you find. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Molly the Airedale said...

Great finds!

Michelle said...

I love the iron thingy! Totally something I would buy!!!!!!!

Edye Nicole said...

Love the iron thing! So pretty :)

Edye | Http://

JES said...

I love your finds! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

Thrifty to nifty said...

I love to to thrift too. One can find such great things. It can be such a thrill.