Monday, June 13, 2016

Balcony Garden Update--My Blue Theme Balcony

I should have cropped this shot to make it pretty but I wanted to share how I hung the cucumber see the blooms and the wind chime.

I was so excited when I found the wind chime for $10.00 at Big Lots.  Probably not a real bargain but when your wanting a theme and can't find anything in your color your just flat excited when you do.  Just sayin' this shade of Blue is all I saw last year.
T:     T:
The entire color scheme began with these lites that I found at $5.00 Below last year.  Only had $5.00 to spend so just got one set.  When I'd bought 10.  I love paper latterns!  Of course this blue matches the chair.  
Today I wanted to focus on how/what/and why I hung them the way I did.   I know it looks junky.  I'm workin' on it.  
Let's check out the tomatoes first . . . 
            T:      T:      T:
We've used the upside down hangers.  We bought one and we were so happy I mentioned to my mother we were going to look for another one.  On my next visit she gave me one.  Which btw as I noticed it was opened and dusty.  I asked 'Did we give this to you for Christmas?'  She answered 'Yes'.  I'm buying gift cards from now on.  
If you notice in the middle photo you can see how we hung them. All the walls are concrete.  Around the windows is concrete.  You can't hang anything.  Hence my hanging system.  The Cowboy hammered in these big 'ole spike kind a nails to hang the planters.
The good thing is it worked and we have tomatoes . . . 

            Ready to eat!:
                                  Guess what's for dinner?
So since we can't hang anything on the walls or ceiling I've resorted to using a tacky clothes rack to hang the cucumber pot.  Because this is a patio I've had to figure out how to go vertical and be thrifty too!  
           I knew I needed something for the vine to climb on so I took some decorative wood stalks and attached hooks to them and hung from the rack.  My plant isn't cooperating all that well.  It climbs horizontally not vertically like I had hoped.  One day it was attached to the window screen so I had to move the rack away from the window.  It is now attached to the nail keg and a few of the other stalks.   I just hope I get a few cucumbers from all this mess. 

I have/had grand schemes of how I wanted this balcony to look.  
Remember the photo I shared of the curtains I hung?
My intention was for the balcony to look something like this . . . 
                                    Simple white ikea curtains to block the sun.:
I barely got the two side curtains hung and was trying to figure out how to hang the rest.  And I got a letter from the apartment manager informing me I wasn't allowed to hang 'sheets' on my balcony.  I told her it wasn't 'sheets'  it was a curtain.  She informed me we aren't allowed to hang curtains on the balcony.  I wanted to say have you ever seen Pinterest. But instead  I bit my tongue and .  .
Down came the curtains.  And strike two with the management.

Strike one....we're aren't allowed to have candles on our balcony.  
Mine weren't real.  They were battery.  I was told someone might think they were real and copy me and put out candles and set the apartment on fire.  

The joys of living in a small'ish' space owned by someone else. 
If you thinking of downsizing to an apartment ask details!  

Now that I've complained and whinned I'll leave you with silly.
insert wink . . . 
                     Have a good week!
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Madeline's Album said...

I could not live in an apartment where there are rules that do not make since. Hope your balcony garden does well and that you have lots of vegetables. Have a blessed day. Madeline

p.s. I can understand the rule of not having real candles, but the curtain rule is ridiculous.

shortybear said...

looks nice

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love all the pretty blues. The lights and the wind chime are pretty. I can not wait to have some home grown tomatoes. Seems like the apartment has a lot of rules. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Molly the Airedale said...

Love the blues - especially the pretty windchimes! Bummer about the curtains and the battery candles.

bj said...

Yep...the perils of renting, I guess. Your blues look great...hope your week is a good one

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I had to laugh at your Mother re gifting you the upside down tomato plant! You know I never knew they grew so well.

You have done an amazing job on your balcony garden and you prove that you can garden anywhere! Great job!
Have a wonderful day!

Jeanne said...

I love the hanging tomatoes. We bought one but didn't hang it yet. I better get gowing. the hanging tomatoes. The curtains off the porch did look nice in the photo you found. There are always more restrictions in an apf. Sad huh? Love the blues.
Happy Blue Monday.

Nonnie said...

I love the blues and your tomatoes look wonderful. My DH did the hanging tomatoes a couple of years ago off our deck. He also took a couple dozen milk jugs and converted them and hung them on the fence. That drove me crazy looking out and seeing the dried tomato plants hanging out of milk jugs in the fence. 😬 They couldn't live in the Texas heat like that. I would like to have wind chimes. You are a very resourceful and creative person. Thanks for your visit and following me.

Shannon @ Of The Hearth said...

I love that you've found a way to grow some veggies on your patio! It's so creative. The blues look lovely.