Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

I haven't joined Sandra in a while and I've missed . . . 
Using last weeks prompts.  I have to write my post on Sunday.

I have found that joining Sandra and making a few plans and making a menu for the week really helps me keep things running 

The weather...has been typical July in Texas hot and humid.  It was windy on Saturday and Sunday so it did help a little.  It's just hot
On my reading pile . . . Currently I'm reading a book by Lauren Carr.  Last week I did a spotlight on her newest book  Candidate For Murder.  I enjoyed it so much I'm reading on Kindle the previous book.  
On my t.v.   We got a 30 day trial of Netflicks so I'll be checking it out this week.  
On the menu this week . . . 

Monday-- Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans from my balcony garden.  It's not a 'mess' but enough for a decent serving.  I'll be planting more for Fall.  The meat was marked down.  
Tuesday-- Taco's and Hot Tamale's and Rice. We found an Ortega dinner box with flour and corn taco shells with the mix and salsa package cheap at our crazy Kroger.  The tamales were marked down too.  A thrifty meal tonight. 
Wednesday-- Pasta.  I bought some fresh pasta on sale awhile back.  It's in the freezer not exactly sure what it is Ravioli or  Tortellini.  I'll make Alfredo sauce a salad and garlic bread.  Another thrifty meal.  That's 3 for 3.  Image result for tiny thumbs up smiley face
Thursday--Homemade Pizza Crust on sale.  Cheese was on sale.
Friday-- Hmm.  Not really sure.  I've been wanting to make 
Doritos Taco Salad.  I'll use the leftover Taco meat from Tuesday. 
We'll see what strikes my fancy.  

On my to do list . . . On Saturday I began moving all my sewing things from the master closet.  I gave the closet to the Cowboy. 
He's been using a tiny closet since we've moved here.  I am making it into a nice area for him.  Photo's coming soon. 
My list includes finishing his closet and finding places for all my stuff that was in there.  It's a challenge!  I hope to finish in time to share here . . . 
Where Bloggers Create  Click here to visit My Dessert Cottage

What I am sewing or creating . . . nothing at the moment. 
Focused on creating a new space for my craftiness.

Looking around the house . . . Oh my goodness right now it looks like a bomb went off.  You could film an episode of hoarders here. 
I have two Santa's sitting on the dining room table with me while I'm typing on the lap top. A sewing machine is to my left.  A plastic bin with breakable things I had displayed in my sewing closet.  
Fabric in stacks waiting to be put back into the new space.  It's really crazy!

From the camera . . . 
My Silly boy helped me take apart the glass shelving below the t.v. so I could move it.  All part of the new crafting space change. He 
had the best time using the screwdriver to tighten the clamps for the shelves.  

On My Prayer List . . . I've challenged myself to collect books, c.d.'s anything that I can win to donate to my daughters church for the Single Mom's Christmas event.  I've won two books this month. Please pray that I'm able to find some giveaways and that I win!  
I'll be posting and begin a list for my sidebar this week. 

Something that inspires or brings a smile to my face . . . 
Gardening.  I love my veggie garden.  This is the first time I've tried container veggie growing.  It hasn't been exactly productive but we've gotten a few tomatoes.  
I've already got seeds for Fall found them on sale last weekend.  
I'm inspired to grow as much as I can.   I love fresh and frugal.

  Thanks to Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday it's nice to be back. 

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