Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Warm Heart/Wordless Wednesday Critters

Wordless Wednesday . . .            

Warm Heart Wednesday . . .
HoneyMoon Ducks Collage:
Update on The Honeymoon Ducks . . .
This is the duck family I shared about here.  Please forgive the quality of these photo's.  PicMonkey did
it's best to spiffy them up.  I was shooting with my phone with a lot of sun.  I actually could barely see the ducks.  But I was so glad to see them I had to try!
I hadn't seen them since the beginning of April.  I have always thought they completely left our property.
But I guess they do have a nest somewhere close.  Maybe we'll be luck and see them again!

                          I hope your Heart was Warmed a little today!  Thanks for visiting!

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