Thursday, May 19, 2016

Books Here, Books There . . .

. . . Everywhere I turn I see books!  
                     I love it!  Are you a lover of books?  
Do you have stacks and stacks of books sitting around?
There are books in our little office/desk space . . . 

Little groups and collections on the glass shelves below our t.v.
I love gardening and rabbits so I displayed a few books with one of my favorite rabbits. 

Cowboys and Horses are favorites too . . . 

A few magazines are displayed . . . 
I just love Mary Engelbrett.  I have a few magazines I bought 'back in the day'.  I think they are almost vintage now. 

A few more gardening books sit under a lamp on a side table . . .      T:   T:
Stacks are always sitting on the desk where my computer lives . . . 
Sometimes it's a really clean and neat area.  Sometimes  Most times not so much...
Sometimes there is an invasion . . . 
Opps I that Lego fisherman had too much sun!

And then there's just a few of my collection of cookbooks . . . 
A few favorites sit on the counter between our kitchen and living area.  

And then sometimes a few might sit on the mantle . . . 
I'm always moving things around and tweekin' the little cottage.  

Looks like I do have just a few books.  Yep.  That's just a few. 

                           Someday I'll show you the rest!  

     So do you have a few books laying around?

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