Sunday, November 9, 2014

Have a Good Week--the weird random post . . .

Bear with me this might seem like a weird random post. Still having trouble with our computer. I am on the office computer. It keeps moving my photo's around. Grrrr! So this post might turn out a little random. For some reason I can't see the photo's. And to move text around the photo's I have to go into the html. So I can't even see the spaces. Sorry. I hope you enjoy my attempt. Have a Great week.

Wishing you a beautiful week.  Are you making Thanksgiving plans?

We have plans for a meal on Thanksgiving Day.  But not a lot of
traditional Fall decorating.

I am off that week and I'll be doing some of this.  And a little of this . . .

We'll be dragging out more lights.  I'm planning on doing this with Daisy.  Hopefully I'll get to share the pics this year!

So seriously.  Writing and publishing a complete post just isn't in the cards for me.  I am the office.  Using google images.  This computer just keeps moving the photo's.  I cannot figure it out.  There where I put them.  Then magically the move around.
I hope this post makes sense. 
Thank you for coming by.  I am visiting all my favorite blogs.  I don't get to make very many comments but know that I am there lurking!

The Cowby has been working on the newer computer trying to fix it.  I got a bug when we were downloading videos for Church of all things. careful with youtube.  We had anti virus but we still got a problem.

So I give up for tonight. I think you got the 'jest' of what I was trying to say. Maybe I'll get home and the Cowboy will have the computer fixed. Say a little prayer for me will you?
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