Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Welcome to Thankful Thursday.  I am Happy to be able to share my Thankful heart today. 
I have a short thankful list.  Today I am thankful for my husband.  My very own Cowboy.  Today I am thankful that this is the view from the end of our road.

Sometimes I get frustrated when things don't go as I have planned.  Today was kind of one of those days.
But the thing that changed all that was when Cowboy suggested taking the dog for a ride around the lake.
And then we stopped and let her run and play awhile. 

It was kind.  It was compassionate.  I am Thankful my Cowboy took time for us today. 

I hope you have a long list like I do of things to be thankful for.  Even if you only have one to share today  go ahead and write about and link up.  Click here to join Iris for Thankful Thursday.  

On a Thankful Journey . . .
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