Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 I am thankful today for my daughter.  I am thankful for my grandson who will be 4 in May. 
I am thankful that I see smiles on their faces.  I am thankful that God loves them and provides and protects them. 
 Z's preschool had the sweetest Christmas party.  We got to attend and of course I took tons of photo's.

A couple of weeks before Christmas we went to church together on a Saturday night and then went to look at lights. 

We drove through our little down town area and they had an ice skating rink set up.  It was really, really cold and Cowboy and I kind of wanted to just stay in the warm car. 

But the words that came out of my daughters mouth broke my heart.  "We would not have been 'allowed' to do this before.  We are going ice skating!"

Cowboy and I looked at each other.  Shut our mouths bundled up and watched them ice skate. 

You see.  Our daughter was in a 5 year emotionally abusive marriage.  She is still recovering.  Our grandson is still recovering. 

But with counseling.  And a lot of pray she is slowly but surely becoming her old self. 

I am thankful God allows me to have them in my life!  

If you have loved ones in a similar relationship.  Don't give up.  Don't give up on them when they say and do things you don't expect.  Love them.  Love them anyway.  Love them always.  And pray. 

Be thankful God is in control. 

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