Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit

The words to the song Sweet Sweet Spirit came to mind as I was thinking about what I wanted to share today. 

Sharing today a sweet grandma moment . . . 

 Yesterday we had the best time.  I keep our grandson on Monday afternoon.  But yesterday our daughter was sick so he came over early.   They brought do-nuts.  A sack of holes for him to share with Daisy.  Daisy got 2.  He got 8.  Still working on the sharing.  But you know she is a dog so she really didn't need that many.  Right? 

After that we played awhile and then went to the lake.  Daisy ran  around and had a blast.  And Cowboy and Z threw sticks in the water and rocks.  And made big splashes.  They had a great time.
Dummy me.  I didn't take the camera. 

The sweetest part of the day was when we laid down at 3:00 for  'a rest'.  He doesn't like the word nap.
But this grandma needs one.  Anyway when we laid down and he asked me to sing Jesus Loves Me. 
(which is what I normally do.)  I got through one verse.  One verse humming and then I heard snoring. 

It was a Sweet Sweet time.   The best. 

On a Sweet, Sweet Journey . . .
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