Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday Night n Photo's

Today/Tonight I am Thankful actually that my post is late. I got to spend the day with my
2 year old grand baby. Wow what a fun day. He had a great time with his "Pa" who plays water guns in the house!

I am thankful that Jesus is 'in it' even when I don't let Him or ask Him.

I am thankful that my darling daughter, the sunshine of my life got a dream job this week. A couple of months ago you might remember that we donated our last horse to Christ's Haven Children's Home. They posted on a local church job site the need for someone to help teach lessons. We happened to see the post and long story short. She emailed them and since they love Pal so much they immediately asked her to come for an interview. This is a dream job for Jennifer. Thank you God for opening doors for her. Who would have thought donating our horse would open the door for the perfect job.

And lastly you might remember the ATM post of a couple of days ago. We messed up the checking account and put a cash deposit in the ATM which didn't post for 4 days which made a check bounce. The bank charged $30 something nsf. I convinced Cowboy to beg them today to give us grace when he deposited his first pay check. And thank God they took $15.00 off the charges. I wish it was more but every little bit helps. Thank you God!
So there's my thankful photo's late as it is. I hope you all hard a wonderfully Thankful day. I'll be around to visit soon.

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