Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thanking God for many blessings and praises.

Today I am thankful that Cowboy got a job. He is teaching drivers education at a new school. He works Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-8 and on Saturdays for most of the day.
This is an answer to prayer.

I am also very thankful that God has been watching over and protecting one of our boys.

Posted by PicasaThis is Keyon. These photo's were taken last fall during a Home Run Derby at the prison unit where we volunteer. I will never forget when Keyon was at the ranch. He was one of our regular attendees at our chapel service. And he sang the loudest. At first we wondered if he was playing around but we found out he wasn't. His mom laughed when we told her the story and she said he does the samething at church. Everyone knows when Keyon is there. He can't carry a tune but it doesn't bother him. He sings with all his heart.
Keyon finished his time at the ranch and was living with his mother and doing really well. He was going to church and doing community service. He has a wonderful girlfriend and he was able to take her to her Junior prom. The photo's from prom are so sweet. They both look so happy.
On July 19th Keyon was shot while trying to protect someone else. He was shot twice. It wasn't until Tuesday during the 14th surgery that they finally found the second bullet. He is in critical condition still. Unfortunately they have had to amputate his leg. Keyon was very athletic. In fact he was the winner of the Home Run Derby last fall. It is really sad to see this happen to him. But we are very thankful that God has spared him. I know that God has great things in store for Keyon. Will you pray with me today for Keyon. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors. He will have a very long recovery. His condition is stable but he has much going against him.
I posted over here today too. Come visit I have the table set for lunch. And don't forget to sign up for the give a way. A custom apron made by me!
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