Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supplier of needs

There is a verse somewhere that says something like And my God shall supply all my needs... It will be my memory verse next week because as I sit and type I realize I don't remember the rest.
How sad is that? As I write about how he supplies I can't even remember the rest of the verse or even where it is.
If you are a follower of this blog you know that I have not been able to post a lot since October. But God provides and some days I get to come to my daughters and use her computer. Or on days that we go into our donated office space I can write. Usually each time I only have a few minutes.
For that reason when I changed the look a couple of weeks ago I lost some of my followers and didn't get to add them to my side bar. I'll work on that I promise. You guys know who you are because I come by and visit when I get to a computer.
And, once again I am running out of time. I only had a few minutes while the baby sleeping I say was because the dog started barking and woke him up. Anyone want a kick dog!
Sorry...God does supply our needs and the photos below are one example. I borrowed them from Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Sandra I hope you don't mind!

God does supply for us. In June we moved to a different house. It was God's grace and provision we found our house. And, our current landlord.
He has been gracious and patient with us in our financial situation.
God is patient with me in my struggle to trust. I have a really hard time trusting and waiting.

Our landlord has always wanted fresh vegtables and fresh eggs and so he has asked us to put in a garden and raise chickens for him. The only catch is he wants tomatoes and lettuce. We get to plant anything else we want. And boy do I want rows and rows of okra!
Like my friend Sandra I have always wanted to have some chickens.
And soon we will be having a bunch of little ones running around.
Our God does supply everything we need in his time.
Thank you God for your provision. Thank you God for your patience with me.
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