Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. Thanks for coming and visiting me on memory lane. It was fun looking back at all my posts.
Sorry I couldn't add photo's.
Thanks for the sweet thoughts and words of encouragement!
The baby is much better. We have all had a little cold and sore throat but all better I think.
And today this moment as I type he is at my feet playing on a teepee toy that we absolutely love. I'll have to search for a photo and post it.
And the sun is out!
I have felt like I was with a few of you that are in cold places the last few days. It wasn't as pretty as last year no snow but we had ice yesterday! And it has been cold.
It always seems to me to be colder when we get a nice warm spell and then another few days of cold.
I hope this is the last one.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I will try to post again soon.
Now I am off to visit everyone.


Named Alicia said...

Hey there my friend! It's good to hear from you again. I'm glad you are doing mostly well! It is gloomy here, has been for several days. I am beginning to forget what the sunshine looks like!

Take care!
I hope you have a great week!

Amydeanne said...

hey! glad you're back! I was starting to wonder if you were coming home? lol
hugs! i missed ya!

Denise said...

I pray that 2009 will be very blessed for you.

Carla said...

We have wonderful sun and warm (up to 70's) yesterday and today-cold front coming in Saturday. Sure was lovely to get outside and just tidy up alittle bit. Glad to hear you and your little one are doing well:) God bless, Sherry!