Thursday, November 19, 2020

After The Wordfilled Wednesday Post-AKA All About The Wordless Post

 Good Morning today I am sharing a super fun outing we went on the other day.

We went to lunch after a doctor's appointment.  I was speechless at the gorgeous over the top gaudy holiday decorations we found at this restaurant!

On regular days it looks like this.  But when the holidays approach it is transformed into a breath taking Christmas wonder land . . .
In a quiet little neighborhood in Arlington, Texas you are greeted from the front door the moment you step inside with lights and sparkle . . .

Our day was brightened.  It was easy to forget all about everything going on when you walk into such a magical place. 

And the food it didn't take long for us both to say 'Why have we not been coming here like every day! We love Mexican food that much!  LOL! 
The food was so good!  

The meal started with chips and individual bowls of salsa and queso.  The server kept returning and bringing more.  I was only a wee bit embarrassed! 

We both ordered the plate with a Cheese Enchilada,what they called mini Taco's, a Chicken Flauta and Rice and Beans.  All for just over $9.00. the other lunches were only $7.00. 
While waited  for our food I looked around at the walls near our table . . .
There are lots of small displays like this one through out the building
And several large prints scattered around.

When we finally finished eating way too much we strolled through the rest of the wonderland . . .

I couldn't begin to take photos of it all!  

So . . .we will have to go back soon!

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Michele Morin said...

Happy Friday, Lynn!

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Wow, this is fantastic!! What an amazingly festive place---and your dinner looks SO good! We love Mexican too. I'm getting ready to put up our Christmas things today. So excited. I took down Fall the day before yesterday and everything looks so bare! Blessings to you, friend!