Saturday, April 4, 2020

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to Happy Homemaker the day I share a few plans and few things that are going on with me.  
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The weather (Sandra's)
Springtime in Texas is my favorite season.  Although the calendar says it's spring we had hopefully our last cold front.  I have had 
to cuddle under a blanket while 'the girls' play outside a bit.
Today it is cloudy and cold.  BRR.

Outside my window (Sandra's)
Quiet and Green (it's not grass.)

I am thinking 
Even though it was a long ordeal yesterday we had a treat.  We had to drive across town to the pharmacy.  Look what was on the way.  

I am wearing (Sandra's)
Warm clothes.  My working outside pants a wornout t-shirt and socks.  

On the breakfast plate  (Sandra's)
Haven't even thought of breakfast.  The Cowboy bought frozen waffles yesterday.  Maybe he'll be satisfied with that and I can have cereal.  Sounds like a plan to me!

On my reading pile (Sandra's)
Murder at the Alamo: A Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mystery   

What I am reading now (mine)
No Filter (Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 1) by [Heather Day Gilbert]
This one is on my phone.  It's a page turner I am enjoying. 
It is available for pre-order on Amazon.  Click here

Something fun to share (mine)
A fun package I received in the mail.  It was filled with all kinds of green paper.  These pieces I chose to keep.  I am in a FaceBook group and we decided to send out a package filled with paper.  
The administrator started and choose the theme "Green"  she filled a large envelope and sent it out.  It made the rounds to everyone who signed up. I was the last to get it.  Now I return to the administrator.  It is fun to get mail!

In the craft room (Sandra's I tweeked)
A new project for a SWAP we were to make Spring Theme 14" long Snippets.  Basically it is a length of fabric paper and you fill it with small pieces that can be cut apart and used in a Junk Journal.  Next week I will write a post about making and using a 
Snippet Roll.  Come by and learn to make one!
Another new project is a 'Real' Junk Journal made out of trash or junk.  This page is made from a magazine page.  I liked the theme of the page so I really did not do anything to it.  I am just covering a bit with some paper to journal on.  
I save a cereal box to put into the journal.  I am trying to figure out how to use it.  It might be the cover.  We'll see. 

On the menu (Sandra's) ...
What we ate last week (mine)
Because of my husbands condition I have forgone planning a real menu.  Some days he just does not feel like eating. I fly by the seat of my pants trying to find or figure out what to cook he can eat.  Last night we had . . . 
A simple super of Kielbasa and Cabbage and a Baked Potato and then we had this . . . 
Yumm.  We have not had Kielbasa since November.  
We had a pork loin.  I made one meal of Green Chili Stew.  It's not too green.  Actually I guess it was just pork stew I didn't have any green chili's but we had a jar of On The Border Green Chili Verde Salsa that was yummy.  I served with Blue Corn Tortilla's it was a yummy meal.

In the garden
I have green peas sprouting and ready to transplant! 
I have celery growing! 
I think I have 2 peppers growing I didn't mark the pot!
I have red cabbage and broccoli plants in the garden plot A neighbor bought more than she had room for so she shared.
I planted corn and green beans but it might have been too earlier but I bought more seeds yesterday.
I bought a few Sun Flower seeds all they had. I hope I can get more. 

On my To Do List
I really only have 1 thing on my list...well 2.  One always leads to another.  I need to clean my kitchen table.  I do not know what it is with me right now.  I can't keep it clean! I have never been this way.  And #2 I need to clean my kitchen counter. 
We won't even mention the 'fridge!

My 'Ta Da' Moment (mine)
Sounds simple but I managed to get the Cowboys meds. straightened out and ordered.  They are now mailing them but a couple were too low so I was able to have them sent to a pharmacy closer than downtown to pick up. 

From the camera
A blast from the past.  Back in the day when you could eat inside In/Out Burger!

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