Saturday, October 5, 2019

Hiding Out With A Royal Billionaire by Sophia Summers-Spotlight

Hello welcome to Fall Into Reading my October theme.  Today 
I am sharing a sweet romance.  This one however just a bit of a thriller.  I have read a few of Sophia Summers books and have 
enjoyed them all!

Hiding out with a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society Book 2)

About the book 
Skye has loved Brooks for as long as she can remember, as a friend. Her very best friend. 
When suddenly friendship isn't enough, they get embroiled in a crazy plot which reveals Brooks is not everything he has always seemed. 

Brooks' world turns upside down when Skye is suddenly thrust in the center of one of his clandestine operations. And to over complicate things, he realizes he's falling for her right when he needs to keep a logical head on his shoulders. 

When the two go into hiding, and Brooks has to leave her in the hands of a hot blooded, interested bodyguard, no one knows when everything returns to normal, who's ending will be happy. 

Read this sweet romance with a touch of suspense and adventure to get your dose of happily ever afters.

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The series
Hiding Out With A Royal Billionaire is book 2 in the Royal Prince Society series.  
The series are written as stand alones.  
Book 1 is also available on Amazon.  Here's the info. 

Once Upon a Royal Billionaire (Royal Prince Society Book 1) by [Summers, Sophia]
When Emily walked into the boathouse, I hoped she was walking back into my life. But things had changed. She had her daughter to worry about, and I...was king of a small Mediterranean country.

But no matter how much she got under my skin, now didn't seem like the time to push for anything more. Her company was struggling, her daughter needed her and her X was trying to sneak back into her life. I had the press breathing down my neck and a cabinet who thought Emily was the last thing our country needed. When things started to fall apart, I wondered if they might be right.

Read this fun story about commitments, both large and small, and how even when it seems impossible, love conquers all.

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