Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bible Storybook-Review

About the book 

Your family will love this Bible storybook in the popular rebus style with pictures sprinkled between words, allowing your little ones to read along with you! Kids will love to engage with the Bible stories by pointing out the pictures among the words to tell the story. This is a proven way to help children learn and retain the stories through interaction. In the rebus format, children see the picture key, learn the word, and then complete the sentence using the correct picture. This gives children positive learning and interactive reading time.

Stories include: Adam and Eve and the Sneaky Snake, Noah and the Big Boat, Moses and the Ten Commandments, David and the Giant, Mary’s Big Surprise, Jesus Stops a Storm, Jesus Goes to Heaven, and A Promise to All God’s Children.

And I thought 
Delightful and charming. I loved the illustrations on the cover!
This is a really nice hardcover book that would make a great gift.

The illustrations are charming.  There is a tip page at the beginning with suggestions for engaging your child.  

The book is separated into Old Testament and New Testament 
The Old Testament stories include:
The Beginning, The Flood, Abraham's Family, Moses, The Promised Land, Ruth and Naomi, David, Esther and Jonah.
The New Testament stories include:
Jesus is Born, John the Baptist, Jesus' Life, Jesus' Death and Resurrection, The Holy Spirit Comes, Saul Becomes Paul, 
Peter and The Best Is Yet To Come. 

Each story is only 2 pages.  The first is a full page picture and the second page is the short story with the pictures to teach the young reader.   

The book is 184 pages and contains more than 90 stories. 

From the back cover

Read and Share Look, I'm Reading! Bible Storybook will encourage a love for God's Word as your children discover the 
joy of reading. 

This great storybook would make a great gift for your family.  
As a grandparent I am keeping my copy to share with the young ones.  

If you looking for an idea for a teachers gift for a preschool teacher or the school check this one out!  

I received a complimentary copy.  
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads and will be featured in my 2019 Christmas Gift Suggestions. 

Buy the book 
The publisher who sent the book did not supply me with purchase links.  In my search I found that the best price was at CBC. 
I have provided the links below but if you attempt to look up the book you'll need to include the complete title even on the Tommy Nelson website I was unable to locate.  

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