Thursday, October 3, 2019

Book Spotlight-She Prays by Debbie Lindell

About the book
God wants us to know him so well that we are comfortable talking to him about anything and everything. Yet there are times when we feel disconnected and insecure. We desire to grow in prayer, but we don't know where to begin, what to say, or how to listen for his voice.

In She Prays, Debbie Lindell invites you on a thirty-one-day journey to experience a confident and conversational relationship with your heavenly Father. She shows you how to replace the pressure to perform in prayer with a faith-filled expectation--trusting that God is delighted with every conversation and every word we whisper to him. Her desire is that your soul will be transformed as your confidence in prayer grows, and that your faith will be strengthened as you see God work through your prayers in ways you never imagined possible.

Below are only a few of the endorsements found on the info. page at Revell.  If you wish to read more click here
"If you have ever struggled to know how to pray or what to pray for, this book will be a gift and a guide."--Sheila Walsh, author of It's Okay Not to Be Okay

"Personal. Poignant. Accessible. She Prays will help you savor the privilege and power of prayer with a renewed awe at the tender care and absolute sovereignty of our heavenly Father, who listens to, delights in, cares for, and answers his children. With humor and warmth, Debbie Lindell infectiously communicates his invitation to communion made possible for us in Christ. Grab your girls and dive into this resource!"

Shelley Giglio, Passion City Church

"Prayer is a divine and profound invitation to partner with, engage with, and lean into the heart and intent of heaven. My gorgeous friend Debbie, over her many years of following Jesus and pastoring a thriving church, has gathered and now composed a beautiful journey sure to bring truth and revelation to every reader. She helps you to pray with assurance that your heavenly Father loves you, listens to you, and desires to converse with you."
Bobbie Houston, co-global senior pastor, Hillsong Church
"I absolutely love Debbie's new book, She Prays! Even though this is designed to be a 31-day devotional, I could hardly put it down. Finally someone writes a book that not only stirs up the desire in us to pray but also increases our faith that the prayers will actually be answered. Whether you are male or female, young or old, this book will surely inspire you to take your prayer life to the next level. Debbie's book clearly reveals prayer to be an exciting journey and adventure. Because she is my close friend, I know that this is the way she lives her life, and we can all join her."
Nancy Alcorn, founder and president of Mercy Multiplied
"Debbie is a woman of prayer. She lives this message of constant conversation with Jesus as a lifestyle and example. In She Prays, Debbie removes the shame and disappointment that we often attach to our possible lack of prayer, instead giving us practical tools and encouragement to unlock the power and potential of prayer in our lives. I love Debbie and her genuine heart for God and people, and it is therefore my great honor to recommend this spiritual game-changing book to every girl (and guy too). Prayer changes things, and this book will help transform us as we engage in conversation with the source of all power, Jesus!"
About the author

Debbie Lindell
Debbie Lindell is the author of She Believes,and she and her husband, John, serve as lead pastors of James River Church in Springfield, Missouri. In 2003, Debbie launched the Designed for Life Women's Conference, which today draws 10,000 women annually from across the nation and around the world. As a dynamic leader and speaker, she has a passion to see women of all ages embrace their unique design, understand their purpose, and connect to one another through life-giving sisterhood. Learn more at

And I am thinking. . .
. . .That I am going to enjoy this study.  The cover just draws me in. I have flipped through it briefly and plan to sit down over the weekend and do a few of the devotionals so I can write a proper review in a few days.  

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