Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Blue Monday ---Randomness

Hello welcome to another wonderful Blue Monday. Today I just have some random fav's from my pinterest board . . .
First my blog theme photo.  Did you notice my new header?
It still needs work.  I used pic monkey to make my collage.
It's too big.  I hope it doesn't make you not want to stop by.
Anyone know how to make it smaller? 

Next a cool blue water hose.  On an even cooler hanger. 
Love horse shoes.  I want one of these.  And a 'real' place to put it.  Notice the horse way in the background?
Now this is cool.   can't figure out if it is part of the twinkle lights or not but I love blue glass.  And here's some really cool blue glass . . .
Now remember these photos are from my Pinterest board.  I did not drink all this wine. LOL. What a way to recycle.
These are beauty's. I want to make some.  Are there really blue pumpkins?
Maybe so.     And another beautiful Blue
My Hero Walks on Water
And ending with my little Blue Slippers!
Have a Bluetiful Day
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