Friday, July 26, 2013

Do You Eat A Helathy Lunch?

probably about the only food i cannot say no to...cream cheese and crackers~i'll eat it up! Sadly my lunch wasn't healthy.  I mean hello cream cheese and crackers.  Seriously!  it wasn't this pretty either.  All pics found on Pinterest.

Do you find yourself realizing it is 12:39 and you haven't eaten yet today.  And your stomach is growling and you need food?
Crackers w/ cream cheese And you don't have something like this all prepared for you.   Because you stay at home?  Because that aren't any kids or husband around so you just grab something  quick and easy.

I guess if I thought ahead I could do something like this.  Have little lunchs ready for myself so I could take just a few minutes revive myself and then get back to what I really want or need to do.

cherry tomato, olive, cream cheese and crackers----only because I like ladybugs, not because I lilke tomatos.

   My lunch today wasn't even cute!  No tomatos.  No olives which I wouldn't eat anyway.  Although Pioneer Woman has encouraged me check out her enchilada recipe.  I tried it the other night best enchilada's I've ever eaten.  And with diced black olives . . . sorry chasing a rabbit trail....

So, I am wondering do you eat a healthy lunch?  Just kind of wanting some ideas from you. 

So, leave me a comment. Share with me your healthy lunch ideas.
Or even your lunch is not so healthy.  Maybe we can all stand together and help each other out and encourage each other. 

I am putting the little lady bugs on the sidebar with a link back here for you to comment.  Or just make a comment on any post. 
I would love it if you posted.  I'll link up to you!

So if you haven't eaten today.  What are you going to eat?

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and btw...I didn't even like the crackers.  Not a fan of albertsons store brand saltines. Have you tried Krogers?  Taste just like Premium saltines used to.  Just sayin'
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