Friday, July 26, 2013

Broken--Five Minute Friday

10 ways to reuse broken crayons  Broken makes me sad.

I cried when I was a child when my crayon broke. 

When things are broken.  They are never the same.  

I'm a big girl now I don't cry over a  broken dish.  Or a broken pot. 

Add a little glue and it is good as new.  But it isn't the same. 

Some things.  Some people need to be broken. 

Because it is by being broken then you can be repaired. 

By being broken before God you can be renewed. 

I pray for brokeness. Not for myself.  I have been broken before God.  But I realize as I think about I should pray for myself that I'll continue to be broken everyday.  

But.  I pray for someone else.  Someone that needs God's healing.

Broken is sad.  But broken is good.  

p.s. Chicken Pot Pie is good too! I am still looking
for recipes.Will you share yours?
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Denise said...

Such a wonderful post. Thanks for the comment on my blog, love and appreciate you.