Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WFW Psalm 37:4


One of my favorite verses.  I have been asking myself alot 'why this verse means so much to me.'   And I guess the reason is because of 'what' it means to me.  I think alot of people take it to mean that if we trust and believe and delight that God will give us what we 'ask' for . . .
what we 'want'.  

And, maybe that is what it means;  I actually thought this for a long time.  At least until recently when I realized that I desire to be closer to God.  To have a closer relationship with Him.  As I have made an effort to read and study God's word more.  I have begun to pray before I read and ask him to help me to understand.  To help me get what he wants me to get out of the scriptures that I read.   And, as I strive to have a closer relationship I have realized that many times I run around during the day doing 'things'.  Most well intentioned but most days I am doing what 'I' think needs to be done.  Good well intentioned 'thing's but not necessarily the things that God wants me to do. 

As I think about these words I reconsider 'my desires' and I realize that I want God to put those desires into my heart.  So that the 'things' that I desire are things he wants from me; or of me.  

Thanks for stopping in today and joining me on my Journey.  And, joining me for WFW . . . my first WFW in months!  I have missed Wednesday's the most I think.  I love adding God's words to my photo's and I love seeing everyone elses work.    Please visit Amy for more WFW posts.  Click here

So has God given you new desires today?

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