Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday 4 Mission

After encouragement from many of you I have begun joining Peggy and writing about our ministry on Mondays. And last week I took you on a virtual tour.

There is a topic that I have been thinking about and considering writing about for a couple of weeks. This topic has broken my heart and the hearts of many. I have heard comments from many people. Comments that were uplifting and encouraging. Comemnts that were negative, hurtful and hateful. I have responded to the negative comments because I couldn't help but set these people straight.

I considered sharing this on Saturday when Denise wrote about how the things that people say hurt so much. But I chose not to because surprisingly this topic has not been brought up in blogland. At least not in my circle of friends. All the comments that I have heard have come from friends and family and even people I go to church with.

Last night I stumbled onto a prayer group started by an 18 year girl that my daughter knows. This young lady has done something that I think is brave and amazing. She has started a prayer group for Jon and Kate Gosselin. I have been praying for them since I saw the episode aired last Monday (I think;...I get my weeks confused) It was heartbreaking to me to see it. I think when I first saw all the tabloids I ignored it and didn't believe it because we all know how they work.

But seeing them talk about it and how it has affected them and thier family broke my heart.

I have heard people say "She deserves it" and "It's about time he stood up for himself" . I have heard people make nasty comments just about the fact that they are on t.v. and that they have 8 children. Which the last I think is ridiculous. But I admired them for being on t.v. and doing what they can to give their kids a normal life. Of course being on t.v. isn't a normal life but having 6 kids at once isn't the norm either.

I have to say that I did not start watching until about a year and a half ago. I saw an all day Saturday special. I became hooked. I watched when I could my Cowboy isn't much into the show. I have been fascinated by the way they handle the kids and how organized they are. Secretly I have been in awe. I didn't know alot about them or visited their website so I was clueless as to whether they were Christians of not. But on one episode I noticed one of them wearing a t-shirt with the words Isaiah on it. Then I started noticing scripture in the background on the walls in the house. Then on an episode they mentioned going to church. I was happy and pleased to hear that they are a Christian family. And so they are my brother and sister in Christ. And although it shouldn't it breaks my heart even more that they are going through all this now. And that their hardship and struggle is so public. And that there are people that should know better that say things that are hurtful.

One comment that was made way before all this happened was just about the way they inter act and talk to each other. The comment was "They will end up divorced." I hated that comment then. And then when all this drama started I heard "Yea I knew they would get divorced." I had enough from this person and I responded by saying "Well are you proud of yourself that you predicted it?"
I wouldn't be I proud at all. In fact coming from this person it was very hypocritical. This was from a person that teaches about saving marriages and counsels couples and families.

I can only imagine the comments and thoughts that are going around. And since no one else has brought this up I haven't until now but. We are all sisters. We all pray for each other. We pray for each others families and their health and thier hurts. And my dear sisters we should join the young 18 year old and pray for Jon and Kate.

Maybe you have mixed emotions. Maybe you agree with some of the negative statements about one or the other. Maybe you have been in the same position as one of them. Maybe you just feel saddened.

Today let's join together and pray for peace and understanding. And pray that God is victorius and Satan is bond. And join me at the foot of the cross and pray for
Jon and Kate and the kids I wonder as I write this if maybe one of the children or even Jon or Kate are doing this....

making a cross out of rocks and sitting at the feet of the cross and just reaching out to Jesus to hold on tight.
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