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The adventures of Wilhelm A Rat's Tale by Maria Ritter -I Read Book Tour-Review/Giveaway

The Adventures of Wilhelm: A Rat's Tale by Maria Ritter
About the book 
Book Details:

Book Title The Adventures of Wilhelm: A Rat’s Tale by Maria Ritter
Illustrator: Teri Rider
Category:  Middle-grade Fiction, 210 pages
Genre Children's Fantasy
Publisher:  PartnerPress
Release date:  August 2018
Format available for review:  print & ebook (PDF, gifted Kindle copy)
Will send print books out:  USA

Tour dates: March 11 to 29, 2019
Content Rating: G (This is a clean children's book with no expletives, violence, sex or drugs.)

Book Description:

Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a new sense of rat identity and purpose.

A few others are saying 
Subtle themes help children rethink the meaning of “despised” creatures, who are symbols of society’s marginalized people.  This is especially prominent as the Pope addresses Wil and other “despised and hated animals” visiting him in Rome: 

​"We are connected as creatures to live together on this planet,
and I will continue to help you all by preaching
​... that we must share our gifts fairly among us all.
This way, you will not have to live in fea
Author Cat Michaels click here to read her review

I enjoyed the delightful and inspiring The Adventures of Wilhelm, A Rat’s Tale. I love the lessons young readers to learn from. Such as, it really is okay to be different and still have overwhelming respect for others around you.  
Amy @ Locks,Hooks and Books Blog.  Click here to read the review. 

And I thought
Can a rat be charming?  Not usually but in this case Wilhelm 
is just that. The Adventures of Wilhelm is a fun tale filled with some great insights for children. 
This is one that I hope to have the chance to read along with my grandson.  
There is a wholesomeness about the tale that is inspiring to me as a grand parent. 
This book would be great for teachers and home school parents.
As a chapter book it would make a great read-a-long for the family
and the classroom. 

I enjoyed this one alot and look forward to reading again.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon and on my book blog 
My Reading Journeys.    

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