Saturday, March 30, 2019

Happy Homemaker in Texas

I love my Saturday posts
Happy Homemaker is a fun party hosted by Sandra
Sandra provides the prompts.
I add a few of my own 
This is my blog!  

Doing it a a little different today

The weather (Sandra's prompt)
Spring time in Texas doesn't get much better.  70's to me is perfect weather.  Occasionally some rain and clouds but otherwise beautiful weather. 

Looking forward to (Sandra's prompt)
My daughters Birthday.

On my reading pile (")
book cover of The Egyptian Antiquities Murder
Reading this one for the author.  One of my favorites.  I'll be reviewing soon. 
Can not wait to read this one.  Lauren Carr is my absolute 
favorite author.  This one is on pre-order.  I-Read Book Tours is promoting it soon!  Click here to visit Lauren's site and pre-order.

I am reading now (Mine)
Taken by the Highlander: Book 2.5 (Conquered Bride Series 6) by [Knight, Eliza]
Not my typical read.  I don't really care for Historical Romance but I got the offer to read this one for free so I thought I would try. 
So far it is a page turner.  Not sure if MaMa would approve.  I'm in 2/3 in and no bedroom scenes.  We'll see what develops. 
I finished and enjoyed this one.  As the cover might lead you to think there's a little Romance.  One bedroom scene (wedding night) personally   I think they could have kept the door shut but that's me. . .   and a couple of kisses.  MaMa would be blushing but the Jazzy grandma would reach for her fan while turning the pages.

On my 'To Do List' (Sandra's)
Work in garden 
Work on quilt
Clean house it needs a good Spring Cleaning
Clean refrigerator

A few plans for the week (")
-Our daughters birthday is Sunday.  Finishing up her present 
and planning to take her to lunch.
- Need to make an April photo for the blog 
- Work outside when I can

Something fun to share (mine)
April Prayer Journal Prompts from Loving Christ Ministries
I wanted to begin this in January.  Looks like this is the month to start.  Want to join me?  Click here for the prompts. 

My Ta Da moment (mine HeHe)
Not mine.  Our son and his family.  They built a barn last week and moved their horses home.  He is starting his own business from home.  Training horse and teaching lessons!  Ta Da!  My 
D.I.L. says he was meant for this! Praise The Lord.
It's rough and still a work in progress but at least they got all the horses and a cat home before the 1st!

On the menu
Monday- Navy Beans/Ham, Fried Potato's, Corn Bread
Tuesday- Time again for Taco Tuesday
Wednesday- Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread (I use the leftover Taco meat.  We love the flavor)
Thursday- Pork, Scalloped Potato's, Green Beans
Friday-I sure would like a Steak, A Baker, and a good ole Caesar Salad.  Yum.  Sounds like date night!

Last week's menu-What worked/What didn't (mine too!)
  Actually what we ate.  I didn't get a menu done! 
Monday- Beef Stew, Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits.  
Tuesday-Hamburgers, Onion Rings (The Cowboy complained I marinated my onions in Guinness...he doesn't know I used it in the stew last night)
Wednesday- Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday- Shrimp Scampi w/Angel Hair, Salad, Shrimp Toast
Friday- Rotisserie Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes (from l/o Bakers),

✔'s every night except the Pork which was bought at Kroger. 
It had water added to it.  Who would have thought that a good ole pork chop needed water added.  We have two left I'll cook this week see how they turn out. 

In the craft basket (originally Sandra's but she changed the name
My crochet is coming along.  
I hope to work on the quilt today.  Here's what I have done so far.
I think I have 8 houses so far.  And the 4 small trees.  I'll draft 
a larger tree to go between house.  I also want to make a row of taller houses as well. 

A few of the fabrics I have left to make houses from. 
The top one was my inspiration piece.  There is only a small amount.  I hope to incorporate it somewhere in the quil. 

The Fabulous Party Features (Mine...It's my party)
Each week I choose a couple links/post that caught my eye.
Carol offers her readers some great prints for Holidays.  
Click here to visit. 
Debbie-Dabble wrote a great post about blogging and what people think about it.  You must check out this post.  Click here

In the garden (Mine I think)
Big changes.  No veggies this year.  I am just too busy and tired to plant.  I am turning the tomato area into another flower bed. 
I bought one of those rolls of seeds at Tuesday Morning the other day.  In my original flower bed I used one and it worked great. 
I'll be planting Zinnia's and  Sun Flowers. 
I am planting some tomato's but that is it for the garden. 
Well I might plant some Okra too!

From the camera (Sandra's)

Our local Lion's Club has fairs every few months.  I've always wanted to go in the evening to take photo's of all the lights. 
Maybe next time.  This one was taking while I was driving. Opp's.
Actually I had just come up to a red light so I was stopped!

Thought For The Day
Bloom Where Your Planted

Thanks for stopping by
Have a Blessed Week

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