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Vigilante Assassin by Mark Nolan-Beck Valley Tour- Book Review

Vigilante Assassin: An Action Thriller (Jake Wolfe Book 2) by [Nolan, Mark]
About the book 
Every marriage has a secret, but this one is deadly. Lauren Stephens wakes up to find her husband, Gene, has vanished during the night. His phone is dead. Desperate, she hires Jake Wolfe and his war dog, Cody. They search the house and discover something so disturbing that Jake won’t allow Lauren near it. “No, if you see this, there is no unseeing it.”

Lauren thought she had it all: a loving partner, two great kids, a successful business, and a beautiful home in the San Francisco hills. But all of that is about to come crashing down, due to a missing husband, a hidden past, and a frightening secret that will shock a trusting wife to the core. Gene has enemies, and now they want something from Lauren.

Jake Wolfe is a flawed man who has a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wants to leave his secret, violent past behind him, but when Lauren and her children are threatened, his protective instinct takes command. Jake soon finds himself involved in a dangerous conspiracy, targeted for death, and engaged in battle with a powerful, unseen group who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Jake’s going to have to think fast and fight hard to protect Cody, Lauren and her kids.

Vigilante Assassin is “Jake Wolfe book two” in the ongoing series. It can be read as a stand-alone, or you can start with book one, titled: Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie.

And I thought 
I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.  I couldn't sleep because I couldn't put it down to sleep!

Vigilante Assassin kept me spell bound from page 1.   Jake Wolfe
just grabs your interest especially when he shoots a would be 
assassin out of the water within minutes of the first line of the book.
This was a ride that keeps you hanging onto your seat. 

I was surprised by a few things. 

I expected some language.  I expected some graphic scenes what with all the murder, kidnappings and gang activity.  I expected some bedroom scenes. 

To my surprise and pleasure I found none of the above and would 
gladly offer this read to granny.  She wouldn't even blush!

The plot was a bit twisty beginning with an assassin after Jake and then moments later he is asked to help with a missing person who he finds dead in his own home in a secret room.   

The plot continues to unfold leading to more assassination attempts 
drug running and kidnapping when the bad guys decide the only way to get to Jake is by snatching his girlfriend Sarah. Who by the way wasn't no easy victim she literally takes out a couple of the would be kidnappers before she is finally snatched.  

I can honestly say that this is the best book of this kind that 
I have read this year. 

The characters are all well developed.  The good guys Jake's friends and associates are like-able, trusty worthy and get the job down.  

And then there's Cody the retired military dog that Jake adopted when his handler Jake's friends looses his life.  Cody is a huge part of the story.    

If you like a thrilling suspenseful read check this one out.  
I can easily give it 5 stars and then some if I could!  

Vigilante Assassin is book 2 in the Jake Wolfe series.  Each
book is written as a stand alone.  I didn't even realize it was 
book 2 until I started right this post.  You'll enjoy it even if you haven't read book 1.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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