Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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 The Weather
Beautiful Fall days.  The leaves have turned and are falling. 
We have sunshine everyday.

Right Now I  Am
Grateful for a mild Fall.  Hoping we have a mild Winter.  

In the kitchen
Lots of ideas and things to tray on my Pinterest Boards.  
Soups and Stews.  Cakes and Cookies.  I am in the mood to bake.
Maybe something Chocolate.  This is calling my name . . . 

Blackout Chocolate Cake is the best chocolate cake!! with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and chocolate chip exterior just to be a little OMG.  The recipe is here
Or I might make these tomorrow with my grandson . . . 
strawberry shortcake cupcakes
The recipe is Here

On the menu
Monday-Pan Seared Catfish, Broccoli/Rice Casserole,Sweet Potato Fries
Tuesday- Split Pea Soup and BLT's
Wednesday-Beef Stew and Crusty Bread
Thursday-Taco's, Rice and a Quesdilla for the short person
Friday-Spaghetti, Salad, Bread

In the garden
I need to take pics. I have planted Pansy's, Mums, a couple perennials I found on sale and a Butterfly Bush. 
I have bulbs to get in the ground today.
Over the long weekend I rearranged the pallets that I intend to plant in.  I had them laying flat but decided to stack to make raised beds.  Much easier to work!
I hope to get lettuces and spinach planted.  And another round of carrots. 

On my reading pile
Sharing one from the pile I can't wait to read.  Always ready for a good one with a horse theme!

Something fun to share
Free Printable 2018 Watercolor Animal Calendar

These are so cute.  I just had to share.  Click here

Fabulous Features
Features from the Fabulous Party . . . 

 Here's a couple from last week
Blogger Holiday Gift Swap Button
Click Here

Lesley over at Play Date Parties shared 17 Thanksgiving Leftovers I couldn't get the pic to load this morning but go over and check out the post!  Click Here.

On today's To Do List
Get post finished
Post Office
Lunch with mom
Stop at Dollar Tree look for wrapping paper
Finish the Christmas decorations
Plant bulbs

From the camera

Devo./ Scripture
Exodus 14:14 - The Lord will fight for you, all you need is to be still. Love love love!!

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Thanks for spending part of your day with me!  
Until next time

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