Friday, October 21, 2016

What Is A Mini Donkey For?

. . .Actually
They are great hay burners . . . that means they eat alot of hay!
Image result for mini donkeys eating hay Image result for mini donkeys eating hay
and really don't do much to earn their keep except...  Image result for mini donkeys in sun
Stand in the sunshine and look really cute . . . 

They are rather mischievous.  But they don't mean to.  They just can't help it if you leave treats laying around.  They will find a way to snitch a few...

And they have one little problem . . . 
Image result for mini donkeys eating hay
Their heads get heavy.

Probably what they do best is make you smile.  No matter how old you are!  No one can resist them.  Donkeys are just sweet. 

This used to be 'our' donkey.  His name is Chili Pepper.  He now 
lives with the little boy above and their family.  They have a ranch and teach horse back riding.  So Chili Pepper gets a lot of attention.

Donkey are good at getting lots and lots of hugs and kisses because they are so sweet.  Check out these I found surfing . . . 
Image result for mini donkeys

                      Image result for mini donkeys
                  Now doesn't that just make you smile?

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