Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sometimes You Just Have To 'Cowboy Up"

It all started when I got this fancy schmancy bolt of orange fabric out for a table cloth . . . 
And then I planned to layer some pumpkins and make a nice and Fabulous Fall Tablescape that I could share at the Fabulous Fall Party. 
Image result for pumpkin clip art But...where are my pumpkins?  I have an idea . . . 
They are somewhere in this mound of boxes that are in our new 
(to us) 2 car garage.  Yes you heard right it holds 2 cars.  Well maybe someday...but I do go off on rabbit trails....

Back to the Fabulous table.  So if you loose your pumpkins you just Cowboy up and set a Cowboy Chic table...

And wait for the pumpkins.  And the other chargers that are in some other box,  and the stemware,  and flatware.  
I actually love how it turned out. 

 I love the bright Guatemalan fabric on the backs of the chairs.   Since I keep my table set.
I usually don't want to make a mess on the pretty table cloth so when we eat I just move the dinner plate and charger and put the 
fabric over the place setting.  Everything stays nice and pretty!
I used the Cowboy plates that my sister sent to me years ago!
I added the chic part by adding some lace napkins.

Lot's of textures going on here with the fabrics . . . 

I felt like I wanted a little height to the table since there were no pumpkins to decorate the center so I added this metal bird feeder 
with a candle.
I try not to let my candles burn unevenly and then I put in a tea light to make them last longer.  
The candle and the bird feeder stand were thrifty finds in a box by the dumpster at the apartment.  Which I will miss BTW.   But not the apartment!

         Wanna see what it looks like with a few pumpkins?
                                                                I do too!

Taking a bit of a break . . . 
 ...putting my feet up awhile.
And then back to the pumpkin search!

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