Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Flowers On A Fence

The other day when I was leaving work I noticed the prettiest
flowers and . . .
This pod was huge.  I've never seen anything like it.

I think it makes this . . . 
I think it might be the pod that makes these pretty flowers on a trumpet vine.  But I've never seen one up close.
In this shot you can see a few more pods.

It was sharing space with another vine with these pretty purple blooms.  (Sorry it's blurry)

When I came home I logged on and starting looking at Pinterest and found this . . . 
Angel's Trumpet. Easy to grow and so pretty...I love these flowers.:
The pods are similar.  I've never seen this plant before. 
This one is called Angel's Trumpet.
Then I found this one . . . 
This site has the best trumpet vine growing guidance!  Supernova has MONSTER…:
This site was Trumpet Flowers(dot)com.  Wow.  A whole site
dedicated to Trumpet Flowers!

I spent awhile reading all the information.  Really cool site!  
There are some beautiful photo's.  

I wonder when I go back on Friday what I might find to photo?  

              Have you ever seen a Trumpet Flower?    

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