Monday, August 29, 2016

Blue Monday--Blue Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Joining Blue Monday today and sharing some pics that my grandson took with my phone.  

I gave him the task of looking for Blue things in our apartment. 
A Blue pencil we're sending to his cousin in Missouri.
He was very creative with his task.  This is a box from a new toy.

I set the stage by getting out a set of  Blue dishes...

He really didn't need any encouragement.  
T:  T:  T:

I had to  step out of my comfort zone to show you my messy laundry room . . . 
              T:   T:
I was surprised how much he enjoyed the project . . . 

He didn't miss anything.  Even checked out the shower . . . 

T:  T:
And the Cowboys closet . . . 

There was one more photo that he took but I'm saving it for another post.  

After his little scavenger hunt we talked about uploading to the computer and editing.  He chose a photo and then we edited it with Pic Monkey.    

It was a fun project that we'll do again.  It's always fun to find activities that he enjoys.  

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