Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thoghts on Halloween . . . What are yours?

I know a lot of people have very definite opinions about Halloween and actually of lot of things.  But let's talk about Halloween. 

Here's my thought. And, please forgive me if you have a different opinion than mine. 

I think that the simpleness of little kids dressing up in simple costumes and getting to go to parties and fairs and carnivals is O.K.

I miss trick or treating.  Although I never got much candy because there weren't many people in our neighborhood even back in the 60's that still opened their doors at our knock. 

Fast forwarding.  I know that Halloween has taken a huge turn from the simpleness of the 60's.  I dislike all the scary stuff.  I dislike haunted houses.  

Anyway just a few thoughts.  I had to share because I have someone in my house that loves the dressing up part and going to see her friends. 

Here's a couple of photo's . . .

I did explain to her about the dangers . . .

We just decided to stay home and chew on a new rawhide bone!
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