Monday, May 3, 2010

Prayers for Denise

I really don't remember when Denise and I found each other through the world of blogging she has been such a sweet and dear person to me. She always encourages everyone in her posts. But the past few days she has been especially encouraging to me. She started emailing words of encouragement. The last few weeks and days have been extremely hard for me. We have been trusting God and living in faith. He has miraculously answered our prayers.
I am happy and joyful and I feel so Blessed by his provision for me and my Cowboy and for our ministry. His ministry.
But it is bittersweet when I think of Denise and her prayer needs. Tonight I am sharing a video she did a couple of days ago. If I had any extra $ I would be making a donation to their fund. Unfortunately my only help can be in the form praying and encouraging. And in asking you to pray, encourage and if God leads you to make a donation to help them out.

I think God for the Blessings he has given me the past few days. And I pray that he will provide an abundance for Denise and her husband.
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