Monday, April 29, 2019

Meet Lola

In the midst of pain and sorrow (see these posts here and here) and sadness last Friday we added to our family . . . 

Meet Lola

Lola in the Humane Society Green Bandana with her new 
Sissy Domino
I texted the neighbors and told them they weren't seeing double!
She is so sweet and cute.  Look at the paw print on her back!
She is fitting in and loving it as part of our family. In this photo
she is sitting on my daughters 'so ugly it's cute' little pull out 
sleeper.  It was originally in my Outdoor room.  It's in my craft
room now.  Both dogs love looking out the window. 
Domino loves to look out the window too. 
She's the one with the Heart on her back.
She also has a heart on her shoulder. 

Our days are filled with sweetness.  Once I am back to normal this might become a Dog blog after all!

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