Monday, November 7, 2016

Blue Monday-A Thank You Note

Welcome to Blue Monday.  
Recently I received a really sweet Thank you note . . .
It was so sweet and totally unexpected.  And it even had a Blue
What a delight to receive such a sweet note.  Here's the super sweet inspiration for the note . . . 
It was just such a joy to receive that note.  Especially since he was so sweet to let me interrupt his Lego building. 

I took a few pictures that day . . . 
They made a nice collection.  
It's a little difficult to see the books.  
  And it's Blue.
The books were so adorable.  I really thought it would be fun 
to have my grandson be a part of the review.  

He gave the books a 'thumbs up'.  If your interested in reading the review it is here.
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It really made my day to receive such a sweet note from the author. 
                      Image result for blog post dividers
If your a regular reader of my blog you know that I read and write a lot of book reviews.  Sometimes I feel like there are way too many.  And the reviews have taken over my blog.  

Please be assured that is not my intention.  In the next few weeks you'll be noticing alot more regular posts.  
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There won't really be less reviews.  Just a more organized way of posting.  I am busy writing posts and reading so I'll be needing to put those old Blue slippers on . . . 
And resting in between posting and linking to all the great parties. 
Like these:
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