Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Minute Friday -- Glue

Glue . . .
At Lisa Jo's she prompts us to write for 5 min.  w/o editing, backtracking just plain thoughts that come to mind. 

Here goes . . .
When I think of glue today I think of new opportunities.  In January I received a huge blessing in that God directed me to a new job at a Christian school.  I currently teach 3 year olds. And I love it.  We use a lot of glue.  And a lot of paint. 

They use glue straight from the bottle.  They brush it on.  Sometimes glue is mixed with paint. 

Lots of opportunities in the classroom to explore.

And now I have a new opportunity.  I have been offered the PreK 4 class.

I am so excited.  I am so scared.  I am so unsure. So undecided.

So wondering if this is where God wants me. 

Or do I stay stuck like glue with those sweet little ones. 

It has always been my dream to teach.  I never thought I would get the opportunity.

God opened doors and I am blessed. 

So this fall whether it is with 4-5 year olds or 2-3 year olds
I am going to be 'stuck' like glue!

I welcome your comments and prayers.  If your a teacher please leave a comment so I can visit your blog! 

Happy Easter


Julie Sunne said...

I'm a former teacher, but of older kids. However, I do teach Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. :)
It's awesome that you have found a teaching job you love. God is so gracious and good. I'm sure whether you stick with the littler ones or move up in age, you'll be a blessing to those impressionable tots. Easter blessings!

Denise said...

Nice post.

Cheryl said...

Those younger years can be fun. I don't think you can lose either way you go. Yes, there'll be lots of glue either way.
May God give you wisdom as you decide.
I'm visiting from FMF.
Happy Easter!

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Happy Valentines Day
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