Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Blues?

Do you feel Blue in the winter.  Maybe it's really cold and cloudy
and you can't go outside much?
Or snowy?  I love photo's of snow.  Houses with snow, snow fields,
horses like the above photo.  I feel blessed to live in Texas.  We don't really get snow. 

And our winters are usually blessedly short.  A day or two here or there of icy weather.  Lots of chilling winds.  But a lot of the time our afternoons warm up. 

Today I am sitting with the patio door open.  It's a beautiful winter day. 

I was looking around my house as I transitioned from Christmas decorations to my winter decorations.  

And I realized that I seem to use certain items for the winter. 
I bet you do too.  Of course the throws come out.  Fires are lit. 
Probably not as many plants around.  

I noticed I tend to use candles more . . .

I love the soft glow of candle light.

The throws come out in the fall.  They stay with us through the winter.  On the back of the couch and on chairs making every room warm and cozy.  

This year we're enjoying our new patio.  We are enjoying the cool evenings.  It's a homey and welcoming spot. 
We enjoy watching the sunset.  Unfortunately we're not on the water.. . but every night God gives us a beautiful painting to enjoy.

No my winters aren't Blue.  I am happy and Blessed and warm and cozy. 

So how do you make your winters warm and cozy?

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