Monday, December 24, 2012

The Last Tip . . . Make It

Merry . . .

Is your day filled with hussle and bustle getting ready for tonight or tomorrw?  I know many of us have wonderful evenings planned with family.  And, there are those of us with last minute shopping but even though we may be getting a little frazzled  my last tip is to   take it easy, slow down and Be Merry . . .

Even if things in your home seem like this right about now . . .
(I love this pic I am going to wear it out. LOL)  even if your loved ones have faces like this right now remember it is because of those little faces that you are doing what your doing.  Even if they are 16,20 or 30 years old! 

I am praying right now that your Christmas is Merry and filed with love.  

Merry Christmas
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