Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Welcome To . . .

Do you have a Thankful list today? 

Here's just a few of the things on my list today  . . .

I am Thankful for the trees on  our apartment property.  Surprisingly there are some really neat trees on our property.  There are sweet gum maples, pines and willow trees.  They are so pretty to look at.  The landscaping is really pretty.  It is nice to see all the  beautiful trees and plants while I walk Daisy.  Most of my neighbors patios are filled with pretty flowers.

I am Thankful that it is 8:30 and my kitchen is clean (well almost one pot to wash).  The dishwasher is filled.  The sink is clean!

I am Thankful that I get off work at 4:40.  I worked evenings at my last job so it is a blessing to be working days now! 

And I am thankful for . . .

 . . . my grandkids.  I think this is a sweet photo.  I am thankful for my job because Cowboy and I are saving 80% of my paycheck for a family vacation.  We are planning on giving the kids and grandkids an all expenses paid trip to South Dakota next summer.  We are planning on renting a bus and driving together.   We took our son and daughter there when they were in middle school.  It was one of our favorite trips.  For Christmas we are going to surprise them! 

So that is my Thankful list for today.  How about you did you link up to Thankful Thursday today?

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I am  Thankful for the Journey . . .
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