Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lone Star Skate--Book Review

I don't usually review this kind of book.  And, I don't post reviews like this here but this one was interesting.  And, I am really, really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on posting reviews so I thought I would post it here and give the authors a little more traffic. 
And, well I figured some of you might be interested in Hockey so,
Here it is . . .

Yep a book about Hockey.  Forgive me but I am not really a fan of Hockey but when I was asked to review this one I thought well since I live in Texas I thought I would give it a whirl.  It was a very interesting book.

The Lonestar Skate  is filled with behind the scenes photo's and interviews with guys like Mike Madano, Norm Green, Jim Lites and others. 

The 175 pages of photo's and interviews are filled with stories and interesting facts about the players and the sport.   The hardbound book has a glossy papercover and would make an excellant coffee table book for the hockey enthusiast.  In fact I am giving my copy to a friend that has begun to play.  I know he'll love it.  If you have a hockey fan in the 'fam check it out.  

Here's a quote on the back cover  from Bob Gainey NHL Hall of Famer: I will forever be emotionally tied to Dallas and the fans of the great state of Texas.  That's why I am pleased to be a part of a publication that chronicles some of the greatest personalities in the history of hockey in the Lone Star State.  I am honored to be part of a project that pays tribute to how a great sport became part of the
landscape in a great sports state like Texas.

It is available at Amazon.  Click here for the link. 
Here's a little about the authors:

Glenn Hart owns the CHL's Laredo Bucks and was the 2006 recipient of the league's Rick Kozuback Award. In 1995, Hart purchased an IHL franchise for Houston, winning the championship in the franchise's fourth season. In 1999, Hart's hockey passion took him to Laredo, where he worked with city leaders to develop the Laredo Entertainment Center, home of the Bucks. Hart is the president and cofounder of Laredo Engery, and is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Rusty Burson, a graduate of Sam Houston State, began his career as a newspaper reporter in Galveston. He later became and editor for numerous publications in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Burson is currently the associate editor of 12th Man Magazine and vice president of the 12th Man Foundation. Burson has written and published seven books.

For more info. check out the website.  Click here and read the forward. 

FTC disclosure:  I was offered this book for review by Amy Currie and Phenix & Phenix literary publicists. I did not receive payment of any kind and I was not asked to write a postitive review. 
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