Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worfilled Wednesday

o.k. today I am 'out foxing' the dsl server that refuses to let me download photo's. 

So what I did was go to my archives and chose the WFW post that had the most comments.  And amazing it was my favorite. 

o.k. so your wonder which one?  Well you'll have to click Here.

Loved this one.  I hope you enjoy today. 

BTW I have done some visiting and found a couple of new blogs to share and a couple of posted I really enjoyed. 

Check these out...
A Cowboy For Jesus

I'm just a little fellow, but I always want to be,
a cowboy sticking close to the Man of Galilee.
I want to do some roping of the souls who are in sin,
and keep them all for Jesus in the Holy Ghost Corral.

I'll be a cowboy, a Christian cowboy,
I'll work for Jesus all my days.
And on the prairie or in the city,
I'll help to round up all the strays!

The song "A Cowboy For Jesus" was written by Ira Stanphill in 1948.

Found over at Sheltering here for the link.

And something I want to do on Monday
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