Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Jemma Whitlock Character Guest Post - The Yarn That Binds by Rebecca McKinnon


Hi! I’m Jemma Whitlock, and I was so excited to be invited to stop in and visit with you all!

I’ve spent the past fifteen years traveling the world and sharing amazing places, and tales of the people who live in them, on my travel vlog. Today I have the pleasure of sharing this post to introduce you to an amazing community, one I’ve visited more than anywhere else.

High in the Rocky Mountains, nestled in a small valley between mountain peaks, there’s a town called Clear Creek. Small enough that anywhere else it would be called a village, the town was mostly overlooked until a resort popped up a few miles down the road.

Clear Creek’s roots run deep. The town started life as a lumber camp, but when coal was discovered in those mountains, it was reinvented as a mining town. When the mining stopped, it was expected to be the death knoll of the place. No one expected the townspeople to stay, but they were just too stubborn to give up.

Just a couple years ago, a resort opened right on the edge of the reservoir, just a few miles down the road from Clear Creek. Property taxes soared, and it looked like the little town was going to be pushed out of existence by high property taxes. But the residents regrouped and found a way to reinvent themselves again.

Now Clear Creek is a destination shopping town. And, while they’re not quite flourishing just yet, things are definitely looking up for them.

When planning your visit, consider booking a suite or room at the resort. But if you’re looking for something more personal, you can stay at The Pillow Pile in Clear Creek. The quaint bed and breakfast caters to visitors who want to experience what mountain living has to offer — as well as to those who enjoy a healthy dose of gossip over their morning coffee.

A visit to Clear Creek wouldn’t be complete without shopping. Crafters can stock up on fabric and quilting supplies at Pinecone Pincushion, while those who crochet or knit (where are my yarnies?) will love the clouds of wool at my grandmother’s store, Black Sheep Yarns & Woolies. Shoppers who get a thrill from antiques will be right at home in Trinkets of Yesteryear, while The Looking Glass offers boutique clothing.

Your stomach won’t be overlooked in Clear Creek, either. You can grab a bite to eat at Clear Creek CafĂ©, an adorable restaurant situated right on the banks of the creek. Then stop at Baked in a Pie for an array of drool-worthy treats — I highly recommend the lemon ginger tart. And to finish your day, grab a drink at HopsScotch, a nanobrewery that not only serves their own beers but, as you’d expect from their name, also has a large selection of Scotch.

If getting out in nature is your thing, you’ll find activities to keep you busy for weeks. In the winter you can ski and snowboard at the resort, but be aware that the runs are a little on the short side. Other winter activities include ice fishing and skating on the reservoir, riding snowmobiles through miles of open land, and ice or snow sculpture competitions. In the summer there are trails for hiking and mountain biking, waterfalls to visit, boating on the reservoir, and beach parties complete with bonfires.

If this sounds like your kind of place but you’re not ready to head over for a visit, you can be an armchair traveler and read about my return to this beautiful Rocky Mountain town in The Yarn That Binds, the first book in the Clear Creek Mystery Series. Just don’t read too much into the fact that I arrive just after the discovery of the first murder victim the town has ever had.

Are you ready to pack your suitcase yet? Come on, the mountains are waiting! 

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