Saturday, April 16, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


The weather 

In photos 

It was interesting driving toward the Pleasure Pier the other day.  
We couldn't even see it.  

Then the next day lots and lots of clouds and sun.

On the breakfast plate  

I try to get the Cowboy to eat breakfast.  Sometimes he will.  Most times not. 

On my To Do List

Dollar Tree this week.  It is payday.  I try to shop once a month

Grocery store


Home Depot for plants 

Try to do a little more organizing of my craft supplies so I can start using them again  

Mop kitchen and living room 

My Ta Da moment  

I baked a pie this week and 3 batches of cookies. 

I got the last of my Santa's put up in a top closet.  

I completed this months crochet pattern from the Unraveled Mitten Crochet Along 

One of my favorite things 

Flowers and Plants.  Both my dad and my Grandmother had green houses.  She called hers the Hot House. 

Now I only have few plants in my living room.  All green.  I hope to add a couple African Violets this week. 

I am creating  

Only my crochet currently. 

I really need to get going on a  Dog Theme Junk Journal for a giveaway in August. 

In the kitchen  

Lots of baking.  I am spending alot of time in the kitchen.  It might slow done when it gets hot.  

A household tip 

On the menu 


 Crock Pot Roast and Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Corn 


Bacon Carbonara, Salad and Garlic Bread


White Bean Soup, Corn Bread


Nachos and Taquitos


Pay Day Yea!  Maybe dinner out or Pick up Pizza since it is on Sale


Fresh Catch and  Complimenting Veggies  


A surprise.  Whatever we end buying when we shop 

A moment from my day 

Today  was really spent mostly  in the kitchen. 

I got the Crockpot on and then baked cookies.  

I have a plate to take to our neighbor.   They  are having  people  over tomorrow  and grilling.  She is planning  on bringing  us plates. 

Scripture/ Devo /Thought

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