Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tea Time Tuesday


Let's have a cup of Tea.  

This morning I am sipping a cup and enjoying my Tea Time magazine. 

The sun is shining and making pretty shadows.    

My chair is by the window.

I have begun to put up a few Christmassy things.  My view across the room is a sweet wall hanging that makes me smile and brings back memories . . . 

I think this is just a beautiful scene.

I have a few candles on the table beside my chair . . . 

And one of my ice trees.  The other one is in the kitchen.  

Let me show you a little bit of the magazine  

I love all the pretty pictures.  I enjoy days of just looking at the pretty Tea Pots and Cups.
I am learning about Tea.  I hope to learn alot more about the medicinal qualities of tea. 

This issue features author Vicki Delaney.  In fact I received this copy as a gift from Vicki.  She joined me for my Tea Party in October.  
Click  Here to visit the special post Vicki shared at the Tea Party. 

Click  Here to visit the Tea Party posts. 
More pretty Tea Cups.  I would love to have a big old house I could fill with plants and Tea Cups. 

But I will just have to enjoy pretty magazines and books and window shopping.   

My little beach bungalow only has room for 1 Tea Cup.  

But I can pretend . . . 

. . . Sipping Tea in my char with my feet up  Let's have a Tea Party! 

Thanks for coming for Tea.  I hope you'll come by next Tuesday! 

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