Sunday, October 24, 2021

Welcome To My Craft Table


Joining my Author friend Jocie McKade and sharing  my crafting. 

First  I am sharing  2 tags I received  in a SWAP.  I will share the tags I made and sent below. 

The theme/prompt was make a big tag I think 6" I don't  remember.  It had to be Brown. 
And also  make a layered tag in Brown 

This is the layered tag I made.  I absolutely  adore how it turned out. 
You can see a bit of my messy table.  I am working in Brown.  What is the Yellow  Highlighter and Blue Flower hanging around for? 
Another  shot did I say I adore these.  I have had the Camo paper  awhile. Got it in a sale bundle at Hobby Lobby.  I had only used it for samples of ideas I see on YouTube.   It is perfect  for this application!

The next week we had to make Yellow ephemera.   I used a map from an old atlas.  That I actually  got a few years ago.  It had been  made into an envelope and mailed to me.  
Everyone loved the Rooster  and the #1.  I added the ribbon to look like a Fair Ribbon. 
The bottom  piece was Yellow stripe scrapbook  paper I had played  around splatter painting Blueberry dye I made. 
And Orange  week.  The bottom is a torn paperbag I dyed with an Avocado. We were to make a pocket and put something  Orange in. 
I made the Orange  Raffle Ticket.  

And so all the above pieces of Ephemera are the reason  my table is such a mess. 

Now I need to go clean it up to be ready  for a new week of crafting. 

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